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"pianist / composer extraordinaire"

The Huffington Post, Feb 10, 2015

"dazzling technique and white-hot interpretations"

Fanfare Magazine, Feb 2, 2015

"...a stunning mastery of the instrument."

The News Review, Oct 23, 2013

"Julian builds a rapport with his listeners by regaling them with anecdotes about his life as a traveling musician. It's a formula that works."

Time Out Singapore, Jun 19, 2013

"...incisive touch of the great virtuoso."

L'Arena di Verona, Apr 12, 2010

"...unique and charismatic..."

Toronto Canadiary, Sept 7, 2010

"Gargiulo is fundamentally an extremely talented piano virtuoso..."

Cayman Islands Business Journal, Apr 7, 2010

"Julian Gargiulo surprises the audience with the passion of his interpretations."

La Repubblica, Mar 28, 2010

"Going to his (Gargiulo) concerts is like being catapulted into another dimension."

Fashion Music, Sept 2009

"Julian's charisma bewitched the audience..."

IlQuotidiano.it, Apr 18, 2007

"Fascinating, fun, ambitious and compelling...Julian is a volcano of ideas..."

Oggi 7 (New York), Jan 8, 2006

"Charismatic and communicative [Gargiulo] confirmed all the praises written about him in Italy and abroad with his acclaimed performances."

La Fiamma (Australia), Apr 2005

"Classical music never looked so hot."

St. John - Sun Times, Dec 2004

"...a marvelous tour de force..." "Somewhere between a lecture recital and Saturday Night Live, but with the added benefit of the highest caliber piano playing between skits."

St. John Times, Jan 2004, by Doris Jadan

"...it was a beautiful concert, one that we hope will be repeated yearly."

St. John Tradewinds, Jan 5, 2004, by Sis Frank

"...tremendous charm and freeness."

The Virgin Islands Daily News, Dec 28, 2003, by Lydia Harris

"...an exceptional young pianist."

Leggo Verona, 12 Sept 2003

"…exquisite Gershwin…" "…a romantic pianist…with a particular sensibility for Schumann." "…his Beethoven sonata was beautifully balanced…rich in textural subtleties."

L’Arena di Verona, Sept 14, 2003, by Chiara Zocca

"...a kind of playing reminiscent of Cortot and Rubinstein."

America Oggi, Nov 3, 2002